Friday, March 19, 2010

For Love of the Patrons

Huzzah! We are the Rennies! We are the ones who put ourselves up for display for ridicule, embarrassment, mockery, physical and mental punishment, and risk of heat stroke all for your enjoyment. It's all for you: the 'patrons'.

But make no mistake, very few of us asked ourselves, "How could I entertain people?" and then randomly decided on acting like we were English, French, Scottish, German, or Faeries in the 15th - 17th century. Many of us were just that weird to begin with, and the Renaissance Festival is our perfect outlet.

So, since this is my first message, let me simply say that, as much as a Renaissance Festival relies on the Rennies to volunteer their time, we need you, the patrons, just as much. Frequent every festival you can. It's not something you soon forget.

Huzzahs all around!

Robert (Robbie) Duncan MacDonald

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